Children of Bodom   27.12.2005

Metal Lunatics (ML): Hi Alexi! Weīre from Metal Lunatics and Metal Zine, Online Magazines. So, yesterday we had the first concert with our Band Strongholde and it was very grueling. How can you manage all the concerts every day in such a long time period?

Alexi (A) :  Yeah, you know, weīre playing all the time and we only have been at home for one week. After the last tour we had enoug time to rest for anything. So we just got back and you know after a few days you get used to it. Weīve been touring for something like three month, you know, in America and Japan, but you know I still lov it. Yeah, I do!

ML: So today itīs the first concert of the European Tour, what do you expect?

A: I can not expect anything. Well, the last european tour, two years ago, succeeded, so I hope  we get good fan reactions like that. We will do anything to get that.

ML: I think that will be, cause the fans outiside are going crazy already!

(everybody laughts)         

A: Really?

ML: Yeah.

A: All right!  (laughs)

ML: We some fan questions now, so the first comes: How is the best way to write a song?

A: So, Itīs usually the same, I come up with a riff or a melody or anything, sometime it comes out of a blow. I get my guitar and I try out and you know then I try it with the other guys at rehearsal place. Then you know after that it becomes a part of a song and after that itīs much easier.So the first is always the hardest and after it itīs easier.

ML: So you write all the lines? You know keyboard, rhythm guitar, and so on?

A: I write pretty much everything, but they are trying their own ideas.  Itīs always been that way.  We just try out.

ML: Ok.. so the fans want to know where you buy your instruments.

A: Oh.. you know, I play with the ESP guitar. I get them from the factory in Japan or something. Thereīs only one music shop in Helsinki, and they import ESP so I get the stuff.

ML: You have good equipment.. big label so get it. We have nothing. (everybody laughs)

So. Next question. How often do you rehearse?

A: It depends if weīre on the road all the time we rehearse by playing on stage anyway. You know but before making an album or something we rehearse almost every single day, many hours a day. You know even though we rehearse many hours a day, we go home after and there write new stuff until the morning, 12- 15 hours a day.

ML: Do you need no holiday? (everybody laughs)

A: I do definitely! But you know, we were touring, and before we had no time for vacation because of promotion and before that it was the album and now the tour, but after this tour weīll get one month wich is very nice. You know itīs just.. otherwise I would fucking die!

ML: Did you get a few days for christmas?

A: Yeah, like you know one week, but itīs such a short time.

ML: Did you celebrate with family and friends?

A: Yeah, with my family, with mum and dad.

ML: Your mum and your dad, do they go to COB concerts sometimes?

A: At some they were. On a festival in Helsinki. Not like all the time, but sometimes the were.

ML: So what are your plans for the future?

A: Now Iīm concentrated on touring and after that I will write new songs.

ML: Ok, another fan question. Have you got a favourit place for touring?

A: It depends. Theyīre all different in a way. I like to tour pretty much everywhere except South America, but there`s a reason for it.  Itīs because we have to fly everywhere.  So we donīt get any sleep, we do the show and after a few hours we have to go back to the airport and do all  that fucking shit with all the security and everything, then fly to the next town and do a show again and then the same shit with the airport. I hate that fucking airports there so much. But you  know, itīs.. I like to tour everywhere. But itīs cool we tour in europe again, cause we didīnt for two years.

ML: Ok, some fans want to know: do you think you have a rockstar life?

A: I donīt know what the defination of a rockstar is.

ML: Sex, drugs and rockīn`roll, of course!

A: hmm.. Iīm not a rockstar when it comes to this defination. We are always nice to the fans and hang out with the people. We are not like rock gods, we are still the same dudes that we were a five years ago!

ML: but youīre drinking and partying much.. Itīs not good for your health! (everybody laughs)

A: I drink since Iīm fifteen years old, so, but yeah… yeah.

ML: Was it planed that the tourstart will be in Germany?

A: Yeah, the european tour, yeah. And tomorrow we go to Holland, and then we come back to Germany.

ML: Ok, thatīs it. Thanx for the interview and enjoy your show!

A: Youīre welcome, have fun!

Interview by: Danny D. Sire & Sally Steel (Metal Lunatics)

Photos by Klaus & Michaela Engeländer (Metal Zine)